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and forget everything around you
Fundamental Forces by nayanroo

In an attempt to rein in the son that remains to her after Thor's banishment, Frigga arranges a marriage between two old friends in the hopes that they can work together to heal an eroded realm. On Earth, a prince searches for identity after his world is turned upside-down. And in the darkness, something stirs.

Great epic fiction! I really enjoyed this. The whole set-up is great and thought through. If you like your fic a bit more plot heavy with good characterization you will love this! I couldn't stop reading but it was worth it. Superb!
strange pairings
unexpected every time by hariboo

And now you need a bit light, humorous reading?

This fic is the one for you!

Five times Darcy catches Sif and Loki in flagrante.
11th-Apr-2013 10:17 pm - The Salt Skin - Sif/Loki - Thor
how will it all end?
The Salt Skin by hariboo

one day sif walks to the edge of the bifrost to see compelled to see where loki had fallen. At the same time jane is testing a way to open the bifrost. by accident sif falls to earth. what happens after she never would have expected, and then she finds loki.

This fic was written before the Avengers. But it's still one of my favs in this fandom. Great work! Good, long read!
11th-Apr-2013 10:13 pm - Sif & Sensebility - Loki/Sif - Thor
strange pairings
Sif & Sensebility by newredshoes

Strange that I forgot to rec this fic. Just found and re-read it after cleaning up my rec list. I still adore it!

In this little Jane Austenesque AU we have not only reversed gender roles but great characterization and a thrilling plot. This is how I love my AU's <3

The fact of the matter is that Mrs. Aesir has too many sons and no one to inherit the estate. Someone must marry Thor, particularly if that someone is Lady Sif, recently returned to Asgardshire, and Loki will ensure that it happens by any means necessary — even at the cost of his own heart. Yet forces are at play to ensure no one inherits Mjolnir Manor at all. Will Mrs. and Mr. Aesir's past ruin any prospects of a future for their sons?
hey! there&#39;s porn!
Neighborly by swishywillow

"She sits up finally, well after midnight, and walks silently to the window. Looks at the full moon through the curtains, and then her eyes flit over to — Holy. Shit." In which Katniss and Peeta are neighbors.

Every fandom needs a wankfic.

And jules needs them, too.

14th-Jan-2013 10:27 pm - Law & Order 3 in 1 Rec Post
this is not hapening (but it is)
The three fics I'm gonna rec belong to the same verse in which the Law and Order Family is thrown into a Private School, called Manhatten Prep.

I read "Finding the Not-Place" first. It's Goren/Eames at it's finest. I really, really enjoyed it. Great romance from Gorens POV (which the_wordbutler pulled off like it's nothing).

The Summary: Mr. Goren and Officer Eames are people who talk about books and art, people who tell stories in the hallway, and people who drink coffee. Because that's how it all starts: with coffee.

And because I enjoyed the fic so much I looked the auther up and found that she covered another one of my favourite L&O pairings, Fin and Munch! There are really just a bunch of good slash fic with those two. This one is now bookmarked.

Read an enjoy: History Classes, Histrionics, and Brian Cassidy

The Summary: Brian Cassidy is a kid, an intellectual light-weight trying to cross over into sumo, and John Munch is the guy who can give him a point in the right direction. Which isn't a problem for Fin, really. Except when it is.

And if you want more here is some kind of casefic with our favourite Duo, Goren and Eames, set in a distant Manhatten Prep future: Beasts of Suburbia

The Summary:

The suburbs,” John Munch comments, leaning back in his chair at the faculty lunch table. “Secret hotbed of villainy and deceit. Everyone looks so nice and innocent until you open the doors and find out all their secrets.”

After a grisly murder in their suburban neighborhood, high-school teacher Bobby Goren and and his wife, Detective Alex Eames - along with Cyrus Lupo, now a homicide detective, and several old faces from one of Manhattan Prep's most memorable graduating classes - have to make sense of the life they lead, the world they live in, and the beasts that lurk just beyond their own front yard.

slashy goodness!, oh look
No Smooth Ride by sandrine

Wes and Travis are in fact already an old married couple. Only the sex is missing. But that's something that can be changed.

Or: The fic with the lists, Travis getting shot and Wes being oblivious, as always.


Clash of Wills (It's called a Relationship) by michelleSorta

Travis and Wes were already a powder keg waiting to explode the moment they scented one another.

Or: A fic about Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics and Wes/Travis being sexy.

A Happy Coincidence by Irrelevancy

In hindsight, trusting a drug dealer with life and death matters was a pretty bad idea. In hindsight, Wes shouldn't have even needed hindsight to see that trusting a drug dealer about anything was a phenomenally bad idea. (But he was never going to admit that to Travis. By the name of all that is holy, never.)

Or: The *other* one with the Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics. The really *hot* one.


Every fandom needs a sex pollen fic. This one has two already!
This one is imho the better one:

The Elephant in the Room is Sex by Sparky77

Wes is capable of being illogical. He’s capable of thinking about sex at inappropriate moments, which is why the thoughts running through his head right now are completely normal and not the result of getting infected with sex pollen from Travis’s contaminated snot.

The second is rather long for a sex pollen fic and a bit mushy in between, but the smut is hot. So, keep reading:
Dr. GoodLove's Cologne for Men by asphaltcowgrrl


follow your heart and nothing else by kornyvictoria

They don’t mean for it to happen. Like most everything in Travis’s life, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. Stars waiting to collide and then explode, probably. The one where Travis and Wes are getting there.

Or: The one in which Travis and Wes wrecked their partnership with being, well... friends with benefits.


The Last Bridge by Regann

Alex is happy to start moving on with her life, but she finds herself with mixed emotions when it looks like Wes is, too. Travis/Wes, Alex/OC. Alex POV.

Or: the one in which Alex and Wes come to terms.


Nothing Like A Wrecking Ball by unadrift

Travis pulled through. He pulled through, but of course he'd had to make Wes sweat first.

Or: the one in which Travis sweeps Wes of off his feet. And Wes is really, really angry.


come on, baby, don't be like that by pageleaf

Travis starts calling Wes pet names to annoy him - and Wes secretly loves it, and hates that he does.

Or: the cute one. Aaaw!

Build Me Up, Buttercup by eleven_enchantress

In which Wes is oblivious, Alex is speculative, and Travis is annoying. Or, a courtship told in petals and leaves.

Or: the other cute one.


The Friday Night Boys by pyrodynamo

“The client backed out of the merger deal,” she obliges, leaning against the car. “What happened with you? Travis again?” Wes turns on the hose. Isn’t it always? He thinks. "Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, something like that.”

Or: the one in which Travis and Wes get homework from Doctor Ryan which leads to unexpected consequences.


Look Before You Leap by Regann

Wes used to think about decisions before he made them. Then, he met Travis. And lately that's led to a whole different turn to their relationship -- like the fact that it actually is one.

Or: the one in which they gradually go into the right direction. Well, as gradual as Wes and Travis are capable of.


Les Liaisons Dangereuses by allwedidwaskiss

Travis always wanted to know what Wes tasted like, and now, nine, or possibly eleven (because who's counting, really?), gin & tonics later, he finally has his chance.

Or: the really *hot* one in which Travis and Wes are drunk, angsty and very horny.


Accidentally (Committed) by moirariordan

It sometimes feels like Travis has known Wes for forever, like he was always there, in the background, bitching about the food and judging Travis' life choices. It's weird, because sometimes Travis will be looking at an old photo and think to himself man it's weird that Wes wasn't in this shot I would've totally made him be in this shot and then he'll remember that it's a picture of his second foster mom from 1990 and that's fucked up.

Or: jules favourite common law fic. Good writing, great characterization and funny bickering. There is also suprisingly no sex. But a lot of love.
work in progress
Nurturing by straggletag

The summary says it all:
She laughed at his jokes and looked after him. She was beautiful and kind and Bae adored her.</p>

… she was also seventeen, and off-limits.

As you read in the Summary Belle is 17 at the start of this fic, so if this isn't your cup of tea: Beware! All the other perverted fangirls: Read away and be merry!

If underage isn't your cup there are other great rumbelle fics. The AU's in this fandom are fantastic. Here are a few great alternatives from straggletag. If your not picky: She has her fics listed at her masterlist.

If you need a soft push in the right direction I would reccomend her Starbucks Series, in which Belle is a Starbuck employee and Rumple is a wallstreet buisness man, the first one is Addiction. And another wonderful AU is Silently the Senses, a Music AU, in which Rumple is a conducter and Belle a clarinetist.
how will it all end?
Ron's Just Desserts by shocfix

Somehow stumbled upon this fic last week on someones journal who proclaimed that this is a classic.

Read it, loved it!

Funny, sexy and Ron is just great! I'm a Ron fan since book 1 and this is just how I imagine him when JKR isn't censoring him because of adult content.

My favourite, besides the smutty finale: Ron's conversation with Harry about being allowed to fantazise about Hermione.

Just give it a go. It's worth it.
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