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Hyacinth House - Hannibal (TV) - Hannigram 
20th-Jul-2014 11:29 pm
how will it all end?
Hyacinth House by bluesyturtle

I acutally forgot about reading this fic. *looks around embarrassed* I had to finish a crochet work for an aquaintance but craved good Hannibal fanfic, so I looked for Podfic and found justbreath's Podfic of the same work.

So what can I say about this fic that hasn't been already said?

It's a great, in-character, beautiful and highly erotic read. The whole dream scenes are awesome and ladden with meaning and foreboding. Bluesyturtles writing is superb.

At first I didn't like justbreath's voice. It really took me some getting used to it, But then he started with the voice acting. His Will voice is so *Will* I felt like Hugh Dancy was talking right into my ear. And don't get me started on his imitation of Jack Crawford! I laughed out loud when I heard him. Just great!

It took me some getting used to his Hannibal voice though.
And there are parts that are spoken so soft that I didn't catch it and had to re-read this paragraph.

But as I said: It's a great fic and justbreath did a good job on capturing this in his podfic. I hope that he podfics the other two parts of the Crystal Ship Series as well.

Great work!
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