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Verisimilitude - Hannibal (TV) - Hannigram 
1st-Jul-2014 05:41 pm
how will it all end?

Verisimilitude by becks

Summary: Will Graham can't believe it when they tell him Hannibal Lecter's dead.

Good. He shouldn't.

(Or: An experimental lobotomy and its unanticipated aftermath.)

The fic is about Hannibal who had a lobotomy and has long term memory loss of and Will who can't let go of the old Hannibal even after all he had done to him.

I really enjoyed the feeling of this fic, the concept, the angst. The first two chapters I was trying very hard not to cry. Hannibals simple letters to Will finally mad me tear up.
But essentially this is a love story, even if I asked myself in the beginning how this is supposed to work. But as the story progresses Hannibal evolves and somehow he is and isn't Hannibal.

I really enjoeyed this aspect of the story, the question if one is still the same without one's past.

It says the story is completed, but it ends with a mean Cliffhanger and the author says in the notes that a follow up is on it's way. So go and read!

btw: Verisimilitude means the quality to appear true or real.
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