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Jaime/Brienne Reccing Pile: Reprise High School/College AU's 
26th-Aug-2013 04:52 pm
how will it all end?
I forgot to add those two:

Not What Scrums Are For by trojanrubies

Summary: A Modern Day A Song Of Ice and Fire AU in which there are scrums, tackles, fights, secrets, confessions, pizza, an idiot team captain, who really should know better, and the girl he never thought he'd look at twice.


500 Days (of Brienne) (of Jaime) by ellaria

Summary: "Brienne slapped him. Slapped him hard, with all her might behind it. Wait – slapped him? She didn’t think she had it in her to be violent in a feminine way. You would think a girl of her stature and strength would have instinctively punched him. It was a definite sign that she had watched one too many romantic comedies with Sansa last weekend while the redhead moped about Loras being gay (and she brooded about Renly being his boyfriend)."

The Kingsland University kickboxing team gets a new addition and Jaime, the local talent, isn’t all that thrilled. But a journey of almost a year and half will show him that Brienne is not about to go anywhere – and he might not want her to.

Modern AU set in Westeros. The title and chapter style are based on the movie (500) Days of Summer. Every chapter is a different day in the lives of Jaime and Brienne.
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